Corona Virus Information


This page will be updated with current information useful before, during and at the end of your stay - please scroll through and revisit. For full current regulations check here

• There will be no legal limits on the number of people who can meet, including in private homes, public places or at events.
• Businesses which were required to be closed will be able to re-open. This includes nightclubs.
• Premises which are open to the public and workplaces will have more flexibility about which reasonable measures they take to minimise the risk of coronavirus. But these should be tailored to their risk assessment and their specific circumstances.
• Face coverings will not be a legal requirement in hospitality settings where food and drink is served, but will continue to be required in most indoor public places

Pubs & Restaurants and other visitor attractions are open - please check for any restrictions as each business has been asked to take the steps they think are appropriate to help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus

We're implementing systems to deliver the best service we can while working within given government guidelines to help protect our customers, our staff and ourselves.

We may pass on your contact details to NHS Wales Test Trace & Protect Service if requested to do so - this is limited to your name, contact number and the dates/times of your visit.

Our arrival times will be moved to 4:00 p.m.

We're asking all our customers to be patient and respectful with any necesary changes. We have been fortunate in our local area with very few instances of Covid-19 and there is some anxiety within our local community over the impact of a large influx or visitors. So we'd particularly like you to be mindful as you move about - if the path is narrow arrange to be in single file when passing others for example.

Thanks for the overwhelming support of our guests. We're very grateful and appreciative - it's meant a lot to us.

We hope to see you soon

Simon & Amanda


Please do not travel if you or any of your party are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of Covid-19. We require notice before you arrive and preferably by email to confirm no one in your party is suffering with Covid-19 or displaying symptoms. If you reside in an area under local lockdown rules and are not permitted to travel or stay overnight it's your responsibility to abide by the law - this applies if any members of your extended household reside in a restricted area too.

Social distance in Wales is 2 metres

On arrival follow any instructions that may have been arranged. One person only should leave the vehicle to confirm the property is ready for occupation before unloading.

Please observe social distancing, I'm afraid we won't be able to exchange the customary handshakes or hugs!

Shops and services that have being doing a great job of serving us for the last few months will need to adjust to significantly increased numbers - we'd recommend bringing some supplies with you to avoid the need for shopping particularly on arrival day.

It's important that you do not arrive before 4:00 p.m. and also that you are fully departed by 10:00 a.m. - this is to protect us all.

During your Stay
If you or anyone in your party becomes unwell with symptoms of Covid-19 please isolate yourselves immediately and return directly home if possible. Contact us on 07771 638280/07795 547311 or by email

Welsh law may impose restrictions that may vary from those in other parts of the UK.
Currently Wales is in Alert Level 0

Please show consideration for our community. Where paths are narrow please form a single file or pause to let others pass. You are responsible for your children, please do not allow them to behave in a way that puts others at risk.

Observe any safety signs or requests to help keep everyone safe.

Before Leaving
For the safety of our staff, ourselves and other guests you are required to inform us if anyone in your party has been unwell or displayed symptoms of Covid-19 during your stay. For absolute clarity we still require confirmation before you leave that you have not been unwell or displayed symptoms of Covid-19. The simplest way to do this is by email.

Please remove bed linen and place with towels in the bath/shower.

If possible leave windows and doors open for ventilation (unless leaving overnight)

Dispose of all rubbish, unwanted food items etc.

Please show respect for our community – we’ve been in lockdown with a very reduced number of people and restricted movement. The contrast for the locals when we’re open for visitors may be quite alarming for some. Please maintain a social distance – even if it’s not something you feel the need to do for your personal safety we’d ask you to do it out of respect for other people who may feel more anxious than you do.

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Recycling & Refuse - Link to Pembrokeshire County Council The Granary - red & blue bags & blue box are in the wood store. Fairview - red & blue bags and blue box in the shed

Currently many local pubs & restaurants are providing takeaway options - some require pre-booking a collection slot. Use this link to Saundersfoot Connect for up to date info.

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